Care for a taste of Battery Acid?

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For most people, that answer would be a clear no. But for users of methamphetamine (meth), ingesting this ingredient and numerous others is just business as usual. Why is this drug so damaging? A look at pictures such as these,0,1425347.photogallery makes you wonder how the people have become so scary looking in such a short time. gives a very good description of all the ingredients in meth.
Consuming these ingredients alone is damaging, but combining them is even more so. So what exactly makes people look like this after using meth? According to experts, a combination of the effects of the toxic chemicals, lack of sleep, spending money on the drug rather than hygiene, and weight loss contribute to the less than stellar appearances of the users.
23520413324900-22161548.jpg 23520413313320-22161549.jpg

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That's just scary. I wonder if seeing this would prevent people to use meth.

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