Chris Langan - the world's smartest man?

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I was intrigued by the theories on what constitutes intelligence in this chapter, and specifically on the story of Christopher Langan. How can someone who has such highly-tested I.Q. end up working in a bar or on a farm (and be satisfied doing it)? And how does he feel about himself and what constitutes "intelligence"?

Here's some video of Langan's thoughts, and some of his thoughts on eugenics may be surprising (3 parts total):

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I believe intellect is very difficult to define, and can be classified in many different ways. While good grades in school and high a I.Q. are one form of determining intelligence level, there are certainly many more ways out there. There's logic, there's creativity, common sense, and intuition, knowledge, wisdom, social aptitude, and plenty of others. Different kinds of intelligence fit well in different situations. Intelligence, I believe, is subjective, and more about context than specific abilities.

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