Color Bilind test

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I am a color blind person, usually I cannot distinguish the color of red and green, so every time there is a color blind test, it will be a hard time for me.

Every time during the color blind test, when everyone is doing a easy job, just read the number in front of them at loud, I was always stare at these strange picture and can't find anything on them. Only people who have these kind of experience knowing how embarrassing is that.

But one time, I found a very interesting thing, because the test room for color blind allow two people step in at the same time and using the same test picture, so I have the chance hearing what the person beside me said and just repeat that number to the nurse, and what is more interesting is that, after I knowing what is the number on the picture (I heard for that guy beside me), I actually can "see" that number in that colorful picture, and it's very clear. I think it may because after my brain receives the message from listening, it can affect the result which is send by my eyes.

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This was very interesting to read. It's quite intriguing that after being informed of what the picture had included, you were able to see the number in the photo. It makes me question if the placebo affect works in a similar way with our vision as it does in other aspects of daily life. Is it possible that after hearing what the picture consisted of, that your brain had tricked you into "seeing" the number? I think that is a very interesting concept you have brought up and it would be interesting to read about a study on something similar to this.

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