Easy Target?

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Of all the topics covered, I find the aspect (or section about) of memory to be the most interesting. It still blows my mind how easily we can be influenced by others. I was also a little embarrassed to see that I believed some of the stereotypes about memory.

I, just like many others believe (well I did) that amnesia meant total loss of all memories. Had no idea there were different types of amnesia. Where did this previous logic come from? I'd like to thank Hollywood and movies such as M.I.B. who present the world with this false information.
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However if I was able to believe this incorrect understanding of amnesia, who's to say I wouldn't be an easy target for being implanted with false memories? Being that I am now a professional critical thinker, I try to examine things closer. While on the road to understanding, it's better to make decisions on your own, without influence from others, especially when it comes to our memories.


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Good thinking Latricia. You might find that once you finish college many people you know will derive a substantial portion of what they believe to be true about the world from television.

I was so surprsied at the videos about "people switching". I suffered from the "not me" symptom by thinking that could never happen to me. Sadly upon writing this post I realized it already has. It makes me wonder if people will ever truly be capable of independent thoughts with all the outside influences that surrounds us and shapes our opinions. It also made me re-think the term "independent". We're all inter-dependent, meaning that we depend on others to be (what we call) independent.

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