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I found the section on hypnotism to be quite interesting. I have never been a huge believer in things like palm reading and hypnotism, however I did have the chance to see it in action. During our senior year party in High School a hypnotist came and performed a live audience show. She called up a bunch of people from the audience and seemingly hypnotized them in to pretending like they were riding on a bear or eating ice cream. I believed it at the time, however after reading about the techniques they use, such as looking for the people who would most easily be persuaded, and whispering in their ears while on stage it makes me question whether or not it was real.

I will say that during the show I watched some of my friends do things that I don't think they would ever have done if they were in a normal state of being. One of the kids was drooling....another started crying. Makes me wonder which claim is right.

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Hypnosis is real alright. Some people are more susceptible than others and a good show type hypnotist probably can spot them in an audience.

Things get a little more fuzzy when claims are made that hypnosis can help people loose weight, stop smoking or be more fun at parties.

The power of suggestion is an interesting area of investigation and it would be good to better understand its uses and limitations.

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