Hypnobirthing, Does it Work???

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Hypnobirthing, is an interesting technique that clams to naturally relieve the majority of pain associated with child birth by hypnosis. During birth you will not be in a trance or asleep, but in a daydream state that allows you too be conversant and totally in control. There is a whole website devoted to this natural method that you can check out to get more information in this interests you. Do you buy into this claim that a little hypnosis can relieve the pain of child birth, and would this be something you might be interested in?



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Sounds interesting but I would guess that the majority of mothers about to give birth would want to feel in control of their own consciousness during labor.

But what do I know.

Any women out there care to comment?

I find this topic super intersting! I am a woman myself and some day, I would like to have children of my own. My mother had both myself and my sister without ANY pain medication during labor. Now I find this amazing because I've always thought of my mom as a pretty tough individual, but I didn't know she was THAT tough. It has got to tak A LOT of inner peace to really do this nowadays. Women used to do it all the time. As far as hypnobirthing goes though, I agree with Jhon. I think that women could do without it just fine. I don't necessarily believe that this claim is false, but I'd like to give it a try for myself sometime!
Thanks for blogging about this interesting topic!

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