Life is Two-riffic with twins

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A couple weeks ago when we were talking about Nature Vs. Nurture it got me thinking... about Twins studies which, are studies that compare fraternal and identical twins and their similarities or differences between the two. We learned in class about the Bogle family who all for the most part turned out to be criminals or partake in criminal behavior. So i was thinking the explanation which is unknown for this subject could be the same unknown in why twins who are separated at birth are so much a like even after growing up in very different families.

This got my thinking because i am an identical twin. For several years now we have participated in the twins study her at the university of Minnesota. Last time we did the study was after we turned 16 years old. We went through a series of tests including, genetic and blood testing and they came up that we were 99% alike in all aspects of our life. Some of which they tested us on was emotion, friends, likes, dislikes, body image, thoughts, brain activity, and blood.

So this got me to thinking is it different for just normal brothers and sisters when they are split up at birth .. so what is the difference in genetics? and if that is what is really making the difference?


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I think that's cool that you have identical twin.One of my friend from high school had twin sister, but their personality was totally different.Even though they were identical twin and looked the same, one was very outgoing, but my friend was very quiet and shy. So I don't think identical twin doesn't mean they have exactly the same thoughts, personality, and brain activity. Some o our personality might come from our genes, but I think our environment affects us more. My twin friends had different types of friend, so I think that kind of changed them to different personality.

Normal siblings separated at birth would share some characteristics like appearance, but there separate environments might have a larger impact on the way they turn out because not all genes are shared like in your case.

It must be cool to have an identical twin. Would love to ask you more about some time and also what your experience has been like in the twin study

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