Neural Plasticity

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We use the brain every day. If there was no activity in a person's brain, then he is considered dead. The brain activity allows us to do everything in our lives. But how can we store new information all the time? By neural plasticity, the brain can adapt or reorganize the new information received by our senses by redrawing neural pathways.

Neural plasticity is when the nervous system in the brain changes

This adaptation or change is very beneficial for us because this change allows us to store new information. When we sit in class and learn, plasticity occurs in our brains so that the learned material can be stored in our brains. The environment plays a key factor in influencing plasticity. Therefore, if we use this fact, it can help us to use effectively more parts of the brain. This is done because of the change in the internal structures of the neurons, and because there is an increase of the amount of synapse between neurons.
Medically, plasticity is a precious gift because if a person loses a part of its brain, then plasticity of his brain can allow the person to live normally. For the brain changed its way of sending nerves around the body and allowing the person to function before the brain removal.

The youtube video is about a girl, who had her right hemisphere removed and is living a normal life.

The brain can adapt as much as it can, but until what extent can it do so?

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Neuroplasticity is fascinating. Every once in a while there will be a medical mystery involving it that forces to people to admit just how little they know about what the brain is capable of.

I wonder if Jodie's recovery was so quick because of her young age? I've read that the people who develop most well after hemispherectomies are those who had the procedure done early in childhood. This is because at that point in development, the brain has much more neuroplasticity, and the neurons in the remaining half of the brain are better able to adapt and take on leftover tasks that the other hemisphere previously managed.

You may enjoy this article. A friend shared it with me over the summer. It's another dramatic example of neuroplasticity.

I wonder if Chase Britton is functioning as well as he is because he brain has been technically physiologically incomplete since in utero?

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