No More Chinese Food for Her!

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For my younger sister's 8th birthday we ordered in Chinese food, a favorite of hers and mine. Unfortunately though she ended up throwing up later that night, and now we no longer have Chinese food as much as we used to because she no longer likes or can stand the taste of it. untitled.bmp This is known as conditoned taste aversion. I found this very interesting because it is different from most examples of classical conditoning; it requires only one trial to develop the aversion, the delay between the CS and UCS can be about 6-8 hours, and it tends to be very specific. It is also an example of classical condtioning that I hear talked about all the time, but I never knew before I read it in the book, that it is an example of classical conditioning. Which makes me think and want to know what other examples of classical conditioning impact my life


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There are many examples of classical conditioning that effect us every day, from the alarm clock to the look some gives you just before he tells you bad news.

Taste aversion is an interesting case. Ask me sometime about my banana split experience.

Why do you think humans and likely most other animals have such a strong tendency to experience taste aversion with just one experience?

Interesting post! A few weeks ago I actually threw up from too many shots of Rumple Minze(a hard alcohol that tastes like listerine). A few days later I was applying my mint lipgloss and almost threw up again. It's funny how a familiar smell or taste can make our stomachs churn!

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