Sleepy?- get to know: orexin and sugar!

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Have you ever been a victim of "sleep attack" during class lectures? I guess many of college students have felt some kinds of "sleep attack" during the early-morning lectures or after-lunch lectures.

Narcolepsy is one of sleeping disorder, and it causes the rapid and often unexpected onset of sleep. A new study of Devanjan Silder, a researcher of Sannford-Burnham Research Institute, explained the relationship between narcolepsy and weight problem.

There are two types of fat: white and brown. White fat stores calories while brown fat burns them.Lacking of the neuropeptide hormone, orexin*, that encourages hunger and wakefulness may cause "a lack of energy-burning brown fat."

Right now, there is not perfect treatment for the narcolepsy, but more research about orexin would help many people who are suffering from "sleep attacks."

"Orexin"- is a hormone that narcoleptics do not have. Orexin is related to our appetite and sleep. sleep.jpg


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I did not know about the neuropeptide orexin relationship to narcolepsy before Kaori. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Do you have the link to the study?

So what kinds of food contain these "white and brown" fats and which foods are the most conducive to being an alert student in lectures?

Thank you for your comment!
We do not need to eat any specific food to get brown fat because we already have brown fat in out body.
According to the website of "Better information, better health," obese people have less brown fat than lean people,and also high blood pressure people have less brown fat. I believe that keeping our health (avoid high blood pressure and obese) is the best way to avoid Narcolepsy.

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