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The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon is one that I seem to encounter quite frequently in my daily life. I find it so irritating when I am trying to think of a word but just can not come up with it. However, it is rather interesting how I can usually determine the first phoneme of the word, but I just can't recall the rest of the word. An example of this that I have experienced is trying to remember Santana's name on the television show Glee. I know that her name starts with an S sound, but for some reason I always have difficulty remembering the rest of her name. What are your experiences with the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon?


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I experience it all the time Andrea. Annoying especially when it happens in front of a roomful of students! If I pause and really try to recall the word if often does not come. If I just carry on with the thought, leaving a kind of verbal place holder, then often the word I am looking for will emerge.

When all else fails I consult Google.

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