The Magic Effects of the Placebo

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After talking about the placebo effect in discussion, I stumbled upon this youtube video that talked about the different effects and types of placebos. It made me really think how people in developed countries can be so dependent on medication and other drugs. There can be a sense of feeling as though there should be a treatment for everything that someone could ever come across. When we take a pill or get a shot, we assume that it is going to do something for us. How much of a pill or other medications effect is just due to us thinking that we are better. I am not too familiar with how exactly doctors use placebos, but I feel as though when people come to their doctors asking for medication, they probably could just use a placebo and get the same results. How do you guys feel about placebos in general? Is it alright for a doctor to "prescribe" a placebo when he feels it could yield the same results as conventional medications?


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I totally saw that video!!! Its so amazing how some placebos are stronger than others!!

This is a very interesting debate Chris. The evidence is pretty overwhelming that placebos work and yet having doctors prescribe them would be unethical and informing patients that the drug is a placebo would ruin the effect.

The body's ability to heal itself is truely amazing and this is likely what most "doctors" throughout time be it shaman, priest, herbalist, alchemist or witch doctor relied on for their incantations to work.

If you can simply get people to believe they will be healed, their chances increase dramatically no matter what you prescribe.

I often find that simply making an appointment to see a doc when I am ill starts causing me to feel better. Its probably best to allow the placebo effect to do what it does as long as the outcome is wellness and the price is reasonable.

A big if.

The video is so interesting! Placebos affect people more than I thought before!

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