Underrated Disorder: Sleep Apnea

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Growing up, my house shook with my father's snoring each and every night; Loud enough to wake me up on the other end of the house, (on a far, too regular basis). Like with any stimuli with highly repeated exposure, I underwent habituation in which I no longer let this snore bother me, but it was not always this easy.

Only after 10 years of my life, and many more years of snoring, my mother suggested he see a doctor. This suggestion was provoked by an escalated severity in the snoring in recent years. Dad's snoring was so bad that in between breaths, he would stop breathing for anywhere between one and sometimes up to 4 or 5 seconds. When lying awake listening to your Dad stop breathing, 4 seconds is a lifetime.

After a trip to the doctor, Dad was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Prior to the doctor visit, neither myself nor my mother knew much about sleep apnea, its symptoms, or its severity. We had know idea that in some cases sleep apnea can be so sever that it can cause suffocation. Recently, I have learned that Sleep Apnea can also be linked to heart disease. Interestingly enough, in later years my father would also have double bi-pass surgery on an 80% blocked main artery.

Sleep Apnea is as simple as a diagnosis and the issuing of a mask to wear at night to provide pressure to the airway, (CPAP). So do you know anyone who snores loudly and on a regular basis that may have instances of no breathing?


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