Waiting Until the Last Minute, Again?!

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It's called Procrastination! Procrastination has became one of the most frequent study problems that college students experience. It's common, widespread and often troubling to many people. There are several methods to overcome procrastination, however, most procrastinators find them useless and painful to achieve. According to Chapter 6 in our textbook, a "remedy" was introduced to us; by applying Operant Conditioning, the most effective way to overcome procrastination is concluded by David Premack - think about all the wonderful things you would like to do, then reinforce yourself with these higher frequency behaviors only after you've completed your work. It's been proven effective by several Universities and Researches. I've tried it a few time, and it really works!

Are you waiting until the last minute to study for your Psychology Exam?
Are you waiting until the last minute to start posting your blog entry?
If you are, then admit it, you are procrastinating. Why not use Premack's Principle to overcome it!



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This post is VERY useful to the audience reading it! It seems that a lot of college students struggle with procrastination and I like that you suggested a way to overcome it.

I, like most people in life probably think of themselves as champion procrastinators. I tried Premack's suggestion and it failed utterly. Turns out when I both control the stimulus and the eject button I chose the eject button. I need some to double blind me. Great post.

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