We Don't Remember Days ... We Remember Moments??

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What i thought most interesting about what we have been learning lately is the subject of memory. An interesting subject because to say the least i can hardly remember what i did yesterday.... One of my new favorite shows is called Unforgettable with Poppy Montgomery who, now, since the death of her sister can remember everything down to the littlest things of her life.

After seeing this show since the subject isn't really talked about in our text book i looked it up online, it showed it is a very new topic of research but i found another similar story like this where a lady can remember every day exactly since the age of 11. My question remaining is does something such as a traumatic event have to trigger this sort of memory?

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I think memory researchers are still mystified why certain people have photographic memories like you describe. We might learn more as people like this volunteer for study.

Check out my memory blog for more info about the woman who could not forget.


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