..& The lie detector test determined...that was a LIE

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You see shows like Maury and Montel, where they have couples who are unsure of their partners fidelity come with the belief that a polygraph test will prove or disprove their uncertainties. Lies are extremely difficult to prove, and yet people rely on it so much. So the question is, Is it possible to detect when someone is lying? Experts in the psychology field have recently been brought to the research that concludes MRI's are more capable of detecting lies than the traditional lie detector tests, which rely on irregular heart beats, skin and blood pressure, but the new fMRIs and brain scans are being incorporated to become a powerful forensic tool, which compares greatly to the polygraph test, which have many potential flaws. Plus there are methods that can be used to BEAT lie detector testing, which makes it that much more discredited. So why does the government, law enforcement, and shows like Maury stand by polygraph? Maybe because its statistically better at testing lies, than by chance alone.

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This is quite the youtube clip you have here! You mentioned fidelity in partners--going off on a sort of tangent but I just watched an episode of Anderson this morning featuring Anderson Cooper and they had a couple on there where the girlfriend of 6 months was creeping on the boyfriend's facebook profile and found out that he had been cheating on her the whole time. Now I say this because, wouldn't it be nice if we could just tell by looking at a person that they are lying to us? Then, episodes like this on Anderson would never have to happen. Dr. Phil would probably be out of a job!

Well, the person who invents the first truly reliable lie detector will make millions. It may not be that far off but it is extremely difficult to do since humans can consciously trick any machine that is out there.

fMRI technology is getting us closer but it is so much more expensive than running a basic polygraph test to make it impractical for common use in the courts.

A lie can be a very subjective thing which makes it difficult for any machine humans can currently build to understand all the parameters that determine truth or falsehood.

Knowing what we do about how memory can be fallible, do you think a person can ever really know what the truth is?

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