A family of geese

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One of my favorite childhood movies was "Fly Away Home", a film about Amy, a young girl who raises a flock of orphaned geese. Amy is the first thing the goslings see after hatching, and they imprint on her. Imprinting is a phenomenon that was first described by Konrad Lorenz. He explained that geese become attached to the first large, moving object they see after hatching. When the mother is not around, the geese have to imprint on something else.
This is exactly what happens with Amy and her geese. As the geese grow up, Amy teaches them everything their mother would have. By far the most challenging aspect of the situation is teaching them to migrate. Using the phenomenon of imprinting, Amy flies a small aircraft to show her geese the way, and in the end, successfully leads them south for the winter.

My favorite post was "The magic effects of the placebo" by luexx016 because it is really interesting to think that something with no actual medicine can have such a profound effect on people.
My next favorite post was "No more Chinese for her" by goss0092 because it is interesting how just one bad experience with food can make someone always avoid it in the future.
My third favorite post was "Waiting until the last minute, again?!" by zhan1689 because it explains a method of overcoming procrastination, which is something that could be useful for me, as I occasionally procrastinate.


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I love this movie! It's definitely a great example of imprinting.

I agree with the gal above! "Fly Away Home" was a great movie but that picture is equally impressive.

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