Is everyone victim to the "standards of beauty"?

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According to our text book, people tend to agree at higher than chance levels about who is, and isn't, physically attractive. Across the world men and women tend to agree on this culture phenomenon. There is even a "perfect" waist-to-hip ratio for both of the sexes.

If these so called "standards of beauty" are universally recognized, do "less attractive" people chose a mate whom they know is not attractive? Or are they just as attracted to them as they are to an attractive person?

According to the book, couples pair together based on physical attractiveness. Basically, 2's with pair with 2's, 8's with 8's, etc. So the question is, are the 2's attracted to the other 2's, or do they fall victim to the "standards of beauty" discussed in the book and essentially "settle"?

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This was one of my more favorite concepts to read about in that chapter. I always wonder the same questions as well. As we see in high school and beyond, the "popular" kids date popular kids, the "nerds" date the nerds, the jocks date the cheerleaders, and so on. I feel like their is a huge standard, especially in high school, to date people that are considerably attractive not only to you but to the group you tend to spend a significant amount of time with. Which leads me to question, do we become conditioned to like a certain type through reinforcement or are the people we find attractive really who we find attractive?

I think that in general we all would like an attractive partner and since we all seem to know what makes someone attractive, those who are higher on the scale will be most in demand.

Studies have shown that we do what we can to match up with someone who might be perceived as slightly more attractive. But unless you are rich or have some other attribute that gives you a lot of status, you are not likely to get interest from someone significantly more attractive.

I think we quickly realize how attractive we are to others by the attention we receive. Initially we may go for the hottest guy/gal in school but rejection tends to lower our standards.

We finally settle on someone who won't reject us, and most often they are at the same level of attractiveness. To feel good about our mate we engage in something called "positive illusions" where we emphasize all our partner's good traits and downplay or ignore their bad traits.

This is one of many reasons why relationships can get so complicated.

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