Birds of a Feather

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When I learned that people are attracted to others that are most similar to them, supporting the "birds of a feather flock together" phrase, instead of the theory that "opposites attract," I wondered if this applies to all things in life. A fun example of this can be seen when looking at people and their pets. Because we as humans are attracted to things that are similar to us, why not apply that to the lovable creatures that we share our life with?

This photo indeed shows that people can look like their pets...

Even if one party does not agree...

Do you agree with this notion of people starting to look like their pets and vice versa?

I liked my top three blogs because (1) It introduced to me a movie that I would like to see, (2) It related the amygdala to one of my favorite TV shows-Glee! and (3) The title was funny and caught my attention.


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I believe this to be totally true..mostly because I think my cat looks a lot like me. I also find myself much more attracted to men (I'm a woman) who look somewhat like me such as the same hair color, build, and eye color.

Fun way to look at the self if you look like your dog. Might say something about why a person chose a resembling pet to begin with.

How much pets and owners actually change after living together is still up for debate.

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