Blame It On My Friends

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Do you have any friends? Most likely the answer is yes and if it's no, you should find one as they can be the ones to blame if you ever get in trouble!
I read the Peer vs. Parents section in Human development and found it extremely interesting. Though it doesn't go very in depth into the findings, I agree that peers could possibly be more of an influence than that of the parents. I feel that there's been numerous of cases where everyone has done something, that they normally wouldn't have done, in order to fit in a certain type of groups. Also, with children learning at very young ages, with just first impressions of the things that their peers do could influence them to think differently. Though Judith Rich Harris' claim may not be 100% accurate, I believe there are some truth in it and that peers do shape the development of a child's social life more than their parents.

Have your parents ever tell you to not surround yourself around a certain type of people?

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