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Growing up, we are exposed to so many things that seem "perfect." Barbie for example, is a familiar figure for many young girls. We see her perfect body,perfect hair and her perfect boy. As we are exposed to this more and more as young kids, the need for perfection is implanted in our brains. We grow up striving for nothing less than perfection. This is something that I think many people can relate to. Unfortunately, thought it may start out as harmless- it can end up having extremely severe and negative results.

We see models and celebrities with the perfect bodies, leaving us feeling as if we are not good enough. In too many cases, this leads to eating disorders. Many eating disorders can result from genetic factors; but they are also triggered by sociocultural expectations . These disorders may seem like no big deal at first, but in addition to the toll on your physical appearance, it has just as much of an impact on you mentally.

My 3 favorite blogs:

1. jack0620- I found the story really interesting about the brother and sister marrying. It proves that though bizarre things may be uncommon-they still occur!
2. Rhode094- We wrote similar blogs about body image, which is an extremely important issue
3.Byexx102-I thought the how to spot a liar was really funny and well written. The stats included in it was something I had never heard before. We as humans don't realize how often we lie.

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Thank you so much for blogging about this issue. I didn't realize how prevalent this disease is until I read about it in our psychology text book. What a scary disease, too--I'm sure it takes lives and that's not ok.

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