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Want to get someone to do something YOU want? Give them something THEY want. Motivation refers to the drives -- especially wants and needs -- that propel us in specific directions. When we know that we'll be given something we want or need, we tend to work harder and faster to reach that point. In other words - we're motivated. These wants and needs that are rewarded to us can be refereed to as incentives.


Using an incentive program, many managers are able to get their employees to reach company goals. The extrinsic motivation provided by the rewards helps to motivate the employees to reach the external company goal. This is shown in a scene from the popular TV series, The Office, at 2:45 mins. Although this is an extreme example - it shows how you can get people to behave the way you want them to ... if you're willing to give them something they want in exchange.

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Yes Salemi, if you are interested in this view of motivation you might want to read more about Self -Determination theory of Deci & Ryan.

They believe that people are motivated by three essential drives or needs.

1. To feel autonomous- "I am in control"
2. To feel competent - "I can do it"
3. To feel connected - I'll do what others do to fit in"

Incentives such as money or prizes ironically tend to reduce people's motivation in the long run, especially if the incentive goes away!
Its an external reward and a form of extrinsic motivation.

Deci & Ryan have demonstrated that people are more motivated by internal rewards like creative pursuits and satisfying internal desires to achieve goals
People will work hard if you pay them but they will work for free at the same task if they want to do it for themselves.

Daniel Pink has a great book on this idea.


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