Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Psychologists at the University of British Columbia set out to find an answer to this long time question. The researchers recruited volunteers to taste a piece of chocolate, but before tasting the delicious treat they were shown a picture. One group was shown a picture of money while the other was shown a neutral picture. After the experiment the researchers concluded that the group of participants that were shown the picture of money before eating the chocolate spent less time eating the chocolate and were observed enjoying it less. In conclusion the researchers argued that because wealth allows you to experience the best that life has to offer, it undermines your ability to enjoy life's little pleasures. I know you would want to argue that if you were gifted with wealth your life would be much happier but would it really?

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Funny pic! However, on the more serious note, this is a great topic. I have always wanted to be a doctor and the question that is on my mind as of late is why do I really want to be a doctor? Is it for the money? Part of me thinks it may be. I really want to do something that I love to do though. It will make for getting up to go to work each day that much more enjoyable!

Your picture definitely caught my attention. I have no idea who he or she is but man, can he get a girl. As for your post, yea I would totally agree that if I saw this picture and ate a piece of chocolate, I wouldn't find it as good. On the topic of wealth making people happier, a stabilizing effect of happiness could be used to explain why wealth doesn't necessarily mean happiness.

Not sure that money is the best thing life has to offer. Usually it is the experiences that money can afford that end up being the things we enjoy the most. That and our relationships with others.

I wonder about the study you cite and would love to see a link to the article so I can see how it was done.

Many things other than the sight of money could affect how much time and enjoyment you invest in eating chocolate.

Would you think the affect would be the same for someone who already has a lot of money vs. a poor person?

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