Careers for Extroverts and Introverts.

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After reading Professor Wlaschin's blog entry on these different personality types, I decided to do more research and was especially interested with the difference in careers for both personalities. Introverts are more likely to succeed in majors like Computer Engineering, Accounting and Biochemistry. While extroverts tend to lean towards majors like Nursing, Pharmacy and Marketing. Introverts are generally not opposed to people, but they might prefer less contact and fewer conversations. Extroverts enjoy conversation and spending time helping others, but can sometimes be too blunt. These careers make sense based on the description of extrovert and introvert. Personally, I am an extrovert and I want to be a nurse so I find this study pretty relevant. But there are exceptions to every study, and the world definitely needs both personalities to balance each other out.


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Freem467, I love that you blogged about this! I have always wondered for myself personally whether or not I am an introvert or an extravert. I find myself drawn to people and I love working with others, but I also really appreciate my alone time and being able to reflect on things (sort of like meditation). To make matters more interesting--I am a biochemistry major and plan on working either in a research lab for an occupation or I'd really like to be a medical doctor. Could I get your opinion on what you would "diagnose" me as--introvert or extravert?

Well i'm obviously not qualified to diagnose you and my opinion isn't necessarily more relevant than anyone else's :) However, it is not very likely that one person is completely an introvert or completely an extrovert. Most people are mixes of the two. Which would explain why you enjoy people but need alone time. I'm that way too. And I think you'd be able to use both of your introvert and extrovert qualities in either of those careers! Not sure how helpful that was, but I hope it helped a little!

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