Does the First Three Years Determine Our Psyche?

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While looking through chapter 10 I found infant determinism to be extremely interesting. It is the assumption that our early experiences, in our first three years, determine how we will act in adulthood. However, we can't assume later experiences in our lives don't play a role in our thoughts and behaviors. I think this is interesting because there is always a way someone can change if they seek help (assuming they don't like how they turned out). Early experiences can shape who we are but they don't define us.


1). I really liked the picture of the multiple intelligences that freem467 included in her blog. I never knew there were so many different areas of intelligence that one could possess.
2). I liked the study bauer511 found. I think it's interesting that chocolate was found to be eaten faster by people who looked at the money (wealth) versus looking at the neutral picture.
3). I thought the statistics that rhode094 found on how much women spend annually on beauty products was outrageous, but I definitely can believe it when I think about how much women tend to spend on beauty.

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I agree with you! I know I have childhood memories that allow me to think about things in a certain way but they definitely don't define me today. There are a lot of things I've changed about myself over the years emtionally, mentally, and even physically and this is all due in part to learning and not so much basing off my past.

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