Does your significant other look like he/she could be your sibling?!

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There is a new dating site out on the market right now. But where differs from all the other dating site is that you upload your photo online so that they can match you with a partner with similar facial features. The founder of, Christina Bloom, might be on to something, because according to psychology, people tend to find others who look similar to themselves more attractive. This is because" familiar" faces seem safe and friendly and from an evolutionary stand point, this is a good thing because it means that this person is not a threat. I guess the old saying "looks aren't everything" isn't true!

The site lists Heidi Klum and Seal as a famous couple who have similar facial features despite racial differences. What do you think? Do they look alike?

Here's a link to the abc article, that goes more in depth about this dating site.

Would you like to date someone who looked like you?

I liked warec014's blog because she/he picked a really controversial topic. It really made me think about if abortion is ethical or not. I also liked corr0147's blog because the picture she put in her blog really stressed her point that pets can look like their owners. Finally, I also liked Mossaad's blog because she brings up an interesting point of how spanking is viewed differently across different cultures.


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This is ridiculously accurate. Maybe it's just me? My boyfriend's best friend always tells us that I look more like I could be his sister than his actual sister does. I never know whether to take offense to it or just nod and smile. I personally don't think I look anything like my boyfriend (pardon me for being a tad biased) but I do think we have some similar attributes. Gosh, I really hope I don't look like I could be my boyfriends sibling because that is and would be a HUGE turn off!!

I like the idea of this dating site Yan, and if they combined it with other information to match couples on they might really have something.

I believe people are initially attracted to people with whom they resemble but this is no garauntee that they will be happy together.

I wonder if there are any other psychological traits that would determine whether you are more or less likely to desire someone who looked like you.

Perhaps being high in openness to experience would allow a person to be more attracted to someone different?

I am having a hard time seeing how Seal and Heidi Klum are similar. The lips, maybe, eye shape?

I always thought their attraction was because he was a rock start and she was a model.

I find this very accurate. I tend to go for guys who are physically similar to my own brother(kind of "beefy" with overly muscular arms and blue eyes). It seems weird, but I think when you look for a mate, you look for someone who tends to be familiar and is close to someone you already know and love!

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