Ed Thorndike -- More to him than just puzzling cats

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The principle of emotional intelligence was something that I had heard very little of before reading chapter 9 in the textbook. Countless times I've been drawn to taking "IQ Tests" though I'd never once seen an "EQ Test." Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to understand our emotions and those of others, and to apply this information to our everyday lives. As it turns out, our good friend Dr. Thorndike contributed more to psychology than his law of effect. He was also a founder of the principle of social intelligence, which is now known as emotional intelligence. You could all read this long, boring article, but for those of you with other homework to do, I'll summarize it for you; emotional intelligence is an important factor to success in many fields of work. thorndike.gif

<The E.L. Thorndike, master of cat boxes

Really enjoyed the video of the German kid yelling at his computer and destroying everything he could find.

Excellent video, and a nice concise post.

This blog was concise and to the point. It included a visually appealing comic to draw attention to it.


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You know... in the world of psychology, Thordike is a big name but you never really hear much about him. Contributing to the world of Emotional Psychology is huge! Way to go Thorndike!

I did not know this about Thorndike. He often gets over shadowed by BF Skinner and perhaps we need to know more about his work and legacy.

Emotional intelligence could be a whole new way of comprehending what it means to be intelligent. Emotions seem separate from thinking and seem to be processed by a much broader automatic system in the mind that is faster and requires much less effort and control.

I think the most successful people are both cognitively bright and emotionally intuitive.

Happiness is an integral part of emotional intelligence. As long as you are happy you have a better mindset of your personal goals in life.

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