Engaged couple discover they are brother and sister when their parents meet just before wedding

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Yes this is true! The siblings were seperated after a divorce between their parents. Mom took the daughter (at 8months old) and Dad took the son (at 2yrs old). The big question is how? How could this happen? After reading chapter 11 (specifically about attraction), I thought what if two people were too much alike or even worse relatives?! Hoping that eventually the chapter would adress my question about such a thing occuring, but coming up with no answers led me to find this amazing documentary about sex appeal. According to this discovery channel documentary on the science of sex appeal, we should be able to "sniff out" our relatives...

Apparently these siblings noses wern't working correctly. To make matters worse before finding out they were relatives, the woman (sister) is due to give birth to their child soon! For more details on this story go to: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2057081/Engaged-couple-discover-brother-sister-parents-meet-days-wedding.html.

Our book says there are 3 principles regarding attraction: proximity, similarity and reciprocity, buit I think they also forgot to mention genetics.stock-photo-3063200-brother-and-sister-getting-along.jpg

Top 3 articles
1. "how to spot a liar" by byexx102. I have always been interested in this whole concept of body language. I wondered if its really true. My boyfriend tells me all the time "I can always tell when something is bothering you because your face gives you away" I think these signs are common in some people, but we can't apply this to everyone (generalization)
2. "A game of emotions" by hillm109. I liked the photo, but as I said in the comment, it made me thin about the effects of violence on gender. In the book it said that males who witness violence are more likely to violent compared to females who view violence at a young age. In chapter 10 it also talks about the influences on gender roles (men engage in more physical play with their sons, while women take their daughters shopping) He used hockey in his post, but being that I love football, I often look at the physical (and sometimes violent) nature of the sport. Men actually enjoy smashing and hitting each other! Farve loved it so much he couldn't make up his mind when to leave the game!
3. "Why people don't like to touch strangers" by cenxx009. Personal space differs among cultures and as a Spanish Major, I learned this the hard way. The first Spanish instructor I had (in 9th grade) asked for a volunteer. While standing in front of the class, she told the class she was going to have a conversation with me. She began to approach, but when she got too close I backed up (until I bumped into her desk). Then she revealed the real purpose of me coming up, to llustrate the differences in cultures concerning space. Now I often find myslef as being the one that people are backing away from, because I'm so used to their (spanish culture) idea of personal space.


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This is CRAZY!! It truly makes me hope that if I do have a long, lost brother out there that I have enough "sensicals" to sniff him out.

Thanks for blogging about this :)

I love the possibility that we can detect who we are attracted to by smell. Many people make perfume and cologne also have pursued this goal with limited success.

Although there is clear evidence of pheremones in other animals and insects that function to attact potential mates, the identification and isolation of a human sex pheremone has so far been illusive.

I think proximity might play a role for why brothers and sisters are not sexually attracted and the long separation may have changed the game somewhat.

There certainly is something powerful at work here since it is so rare for brothers and sisters to ever find themselves in this situation!

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