Extreme Beauty

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The art of attraction has pushed our society to extremes. To look at this we must understand the basic qualities men and women look for...

Instinctually, women look for protection for their offsprings and themselves causing traits like the ability to provide for a family (wealth) and the ability to ward of predators (strength).

One can see where these traits have manifested themselves in modern society. Most men's goal in life is to become wealthy, where as most women dream of having children. The film "Tough Guise" looks at the extremes masculinity has reached today. For many impoverished men, the prospect of wealth is out of reach and thus their focus turns to finding a way to gain respect from other men and the affection of women through being perceived as powerful by becoming very strong. Action figures today have larger muscles than ever, surpassing what is physically possible. Men who are not strong, seek respect through appearing larger by wearing baggy clothing, similar to the way a dog puffs up his fur when under attack. Another way for men to gain this respect comes from carrying weapons and attempting to inflict fear in others thus becoming "strong" in a different sense.

Tough Guise opening scene

Women conversely, are desired for their ability to reproduce at a most basic level of sexual attraction. Thus, traits like large hips which allow a wider birth canal and large breasts which allow for more milk to support young children have been selected for. In the same way as action figures, dolls have gone to extremes in our culture. Take the barbies tiny waist or the even more extreme bratz dolls. here is what barbie would look like in real life taken from the website linked below...

Life-size barbie

Average woman's height is 5'4″
Their weight is approx. 140 lbs.
They wear a size 14 dress
Their bust is between 36″ and 37″ (B cup)
Their waist is between 30″ and 34″
Their hips average between 40″ and 42″
Their shoe size is estimated to be between 8.5 and 9.5

Barbie's height would be 7'2″
Her weight would be 101 lbs.
She would wear a size 4 dress
Her bust would be 39″ (FF cup)
Her waist would be 19″ (same as her head)
Her hips would be 33″
Her shoe size would be a 5

Needless to say, as our culture evolved, our perception of masculinity and femininity have evolved as well. But how can anyone live up to the expectations our society now puts on our shoulders?

Favorite blogs...
my first choice was sunxx592's blog "Does your significant other look like he/she could be your sibling?!" i enjoyed this post because i cannot deny the fact that my boyfriend shares many similar features with my brother, although i try to ignore that fact!

I also liked rosen685's post "Animals Lie" because it reminded me of a movie we watched in my Anthropology class called "clever monkeys" which showed some adorable monkey's using the art of deception.

Lastly i enjoyed jack0620's post "Engaged couple discover they are brother and sister when their parents meet just before wedding" because of the interesting idea that you would be attracted to someone who has similar genes to you... EXTREMELY similar.

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Well, Anika, that is a tall order, pun intended, to live up to for women, but just as most men do not resemble GI Joe in muscle size, we find alternative ways to attract a suitable mate.

Many guys strive for wealth and power believing it will bring sexual favors (Dominique Strauss-Kahn) or simply being kind, dependable, intelligent and good with children.

I have a good friend who is often described in Barbie Doll like terms and she does have a wealthy husband but I am not convinced she has a better quality of life than any of my other friends.

Although she does claim to have sex more frequently than most!

I think the image of female beauty is undergoing a change in modern society as women gain more power, authority and earning power.

Female beauty can be such an awesome thing but the heart and mind have much more longevity. The more we shift away from a totally patriarchal society to one that is more equally influenced by women, the less women will be treated and judged as objects.

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