Health and Happiness

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According to a section of Chapter 11 of our text, the common sentiment "I wish you health and happiness" may be flirting with redundancy; it seems health and happiness are tied at the hip, correlation/causation kerfuffles aside. A package deal, perhaps?

One thing that has suggested some degree of causation between happiness and another facet of life--open mindedness--is an experiment undertaken by Isen, Rosenzweig, and Young: "Doctors who were given small bags of candy made more accurate diagnoses of liver disease than other doctors, apparently because being in a good mood allowed them to consider alternative diagnostic possibilities." This finding supports the broaden and build theory.

Why on earth does this happen? What is it about happiness that predicates broadening of our minds? Does happiness expand our vision? Does it increase feelings of self worth, helping us to abandon defensive, rigidified mindsets? Does it reduce the inherent fear we as humans often harbor for new thoughts and ideas? How big is the correlation between happiness and knowledge?

For some ancient philosophers, the answer to that question is a perfect 1.


  • My favorite post was "Nature vs. Nurture: Self-identity Questions" because it was thoughtful with many independent ideas, provided a unique perspective, and resonated with my previous liberal arts education.
  • My next favorite was "Homosexuality, Nature or Nurture?" because, due to its relevance to current debates, its inherently somewhat inflammatory nature, and the vast amounts of new research available to the topic at hand, it provided the opportunity for some good discussion.
  • My third favorite was "What's the underlying cause?" because both the subject matter and the way it was written seemed to beg for discussion seeking to clarify terms and expand hypotheses.


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This is so interesting! It makes total sense though. When I reflect back on my bad days, I always feel as though I am so much less apt to take in my environment and adapt to it that way. Thanks for writing about such an interesting topic!!

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