Hedonic Treadmill - Is the Illusion Fading?

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This section got me thinking about economics, consumption, protests...What is the correlation between our desire to consume material objects or sensory stimuli and how quickly that perceived-level of happiness and satisfaction gained wears off? Is there such a thing as becoming desensitized to consumption, similar to being desensitized to violence as we discussed in class?

This article is only loosely concerned with these things, but in light of continuing economic deterioration for many people, I think there's something to be analyzed about how the illusion created around trying to materially satisfy ourselves may have reached a peak with our collective peak-consumption period, and more people all the time (maybe the self-proclaimed "99%"?) are realizing the treadmill is moving too fast to keep up. blog4-3.jpg

My favorite was "Health and Happiness" by E. Carriere; it asks many thought-provoking questions.
My next is "Hold on I need to Tweet This" by leuxx016; I love Louis C.K. - cynical bliss.
My next favorite is "Engaged Couple..." by jack0620; the story is just creepy and funny.

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I think the research on happiness shows that people are not very good at predicting what will make them happy. People often believe that buying a new car or computer will bring them happiness but when we measure these feelings over time it is surprising to find that the the object might have made us feel good when we first bought it but the feeling quickly fades as we adapt to having it around.

So in some ways this is becoming desensitized to consumption as we would to violence.

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