Hey Kids Want Some Candy?

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I thought the section about children and strangers in chapter ten to be pretty interesting. I didn't know that there was an actual term for Stranger Anxiety. I also didn't know that this did not exist in children under eight months of age. It explains all the last time i visited my relatives and their baby. The kid screamed for about 10 minutes when i tried to hold him. Stranger anxiety is a common characteristic in young children so it makes prefect sense now. Children develop such strong bonds to their primary caregivers, that they are likely to feel uneasy around someone who has an unfamiliar face. There are many positive strategies that a child's caregiver can undertake to help manage their child's anxiety. Maybe I see my little cousin next time I'll bring him a toy.

1. My favorite blog was Zombie Ants. Since the birth of Nazi Zombies it appears that the world has a new obsession with zombies now and i've jumped on the zombie band wagon.

2. My second favorite blog was the one about dolphins with lasers on their heads. It made me laugh and tied nicely into what we were discussing in class that week.

3. my third favorite was paranormal activites = psuedoscience. It was interesting because it was something that we could all relate too seeing how the third movie just came out.

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Funny video clip Joe.

The mere exposure effect should help you out here. The more often you see your little cousin the more likely he will warm up and begin to like being around you.

Especially if you bring him a toy!

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