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One of my biggest pet peeves is when you are talking to someone and they pull out their cellphone to read a text or check something else. This is a very common theme now a days, with Twitter, Facebook and many other social networks. It is one thing that I think our generation struggles with. I found this funny clip with the comedian Louis C.K. talking about his take on smartphones and social networks.

Thinking about how we are perceived while on our phones is something that I have been thinking about for this blog. I find it that when someone is starring down at their cellphone, it puts off a very negative vibe. To me it seems as though the person is closed off from everything around them. While I love technology and think that social networking has immense benefits for society and connecting people around the world, it can become over powering. I am by no means criticizing texting or Facebook, but I am questioning what type of body language we portray while we are starring down at our cellphones and not aware of our surroundings. I would be very interested to hear what others think about this topic. Do you think people can be over indulged with their cellphones and that it portrays a negative image.

One of favorite posts during this semester was "Funny transliterated Chinglish" because I studied abroad this past semester in China and found many different signs translated to English that made absolutely no sense.

Another favorite post was "How Siblings Learn From Each Other?" because it is something that I was definitely aware of growing up. I had an older brother and observed what worked for him and what did not, and then I incorporated those things into my own life.

My final favorite post was "Waiting Until the Last Minute, Again?!" because I feel as though everyone procrastinates and I found it very interesting reading about the strategy to overcome this horrible flaw.


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I found this entry very intriguing and I'm glad I clicked on it. Checking my phone while I'm spending time with friends is something I fall victim to time and time again. I am never aware of how it might affect my relationships with people, the vibes it gives off, or the sheer fact that I'm completely disrespecting my friends by doing this. I do believer that I, as well as many others in my age group, go beyond the point of over-indulgement with technologies. It's become such a common behavior that I've never really taken the time to think of how technology is affecting my relationships. Perhaps this entry will serve as an inspiration for me to be more aware of my actions while with friends.

Yes, it is a bit off putting when others are directing their attention to their phones rather than you. Its just that these new phone things continue to surprise us with all the possibilities they offer and we are creatures who love to explore and indulge.

The problem might be that since most of have phones, when someone in our group does it, we pause, and instead of calling them out on it and trying to bring them back into the conversation, we might just ignore the behavior or check our own phones!

Too bad that what we often don't realize or take for granted is what will make us the most happy in the long run is our relationships with others rather than our relationship with devices. As much as we might think we we can love an object, it will never love us back.

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