Homosexual couples VS. Married couples

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The numbers of homosexual couples are increasing. At least 10 million people have one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender parent. Despite the distinctive roles that mothers and fathers often play in children's lives, children raised by same-sex couples are any worse off than those raised by normal couples. As long as they split their mother and father role, children will have normal social adjustment outcomes, academic performance, and sexual orientation. Social psychologist says that "well adjusted heterosexual" whose upbringing proves that love, not gender, makes family. The children of lesbian couple appeared to be less aggressive, more nurturing to peers, and more tolerant of diversity.

Do you think children who are being raised by same sex couple at a disadvantage because is it unnatural?

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I know there is growing evidence that children who are raised in same sex homes are not at any greater disadvantage than children raised in heterosexual homes.

In fact there may be reason to believe that these children have advantages that are unique to the environment of a gay couple.

Relationship scientist and marriage expert John Gottman's has studied the communication strategies of gay and lesbian couples. Same sex couples tend to begin and maintain a more positive tone during disagreements than hetero couples and are more likely to suggest possible solutions and compromises.

A home where there is less fighting and more respectful communication among parents is surely an advantage for kids.

See my blog post about this here:

There is no evidence that a child's sexuality can be influenced in same sex couples and I would guess that most same sex parents would hope their child is not gay given their own experiences with anti-gay discrimination.

We might become a more enlightened society if we remain open about what defines marriage. Why can't it simply be when two people who love each other publicly declare their commitment and devotion to each other?

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