How to Spot a Liar!

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Everyday the average person lies 10-200 times per day, in the first 10 minutes of meeting a stranger a person will lie 3 times. Lying is so ingrained in our culture even babies learn learn how to "lie" in sorts with crying. I had no idea lying had become such a innate act for humans, I mean we lie so much yet it is seen as a bad thing by society. So why can't we stop? And how can we prevent ourselves from falling victim to these lies?

My dad recently sent me this Ted video called How to Spot a Liar, it uses similar techniques that Darwin founded long ago with facial expressions, but now there is also so much more that has to do more with actions and the way they speak.

My favorite blog "Johnny wants a pair of skates, Suzy wants a doll: Constructing a Christmas world" by kenne 703 because I really agree with what she says about Christmas and how children no value truly just the material things and most children forget or do not even learn about the real reason we have Christmas.

My next favorite was "Are you my mother?" Malon271 because I found that imprinting was so interesting and I find it weird that an animal will imprint on the first thing it sees.

My next favorite was "Does your significant other look like he/she could be your sibling?!" by sunxx592 because I found it so true. My sister just got married and her and her husband look so much alike some people think that they are related.


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I like how you talk about how we know that lying is wrong yet everyone continues to do it. Also that you connected this with Darwin's research.

Nice video! I hanestly have tried to look for these signals, but everyone is different. Needless to say my career as a "human lie detector" is over. I also loved the inclusion of kids in your post (love kids!). It doesn't surprises me that even kids can lie because they learn by observing us.

These are some pretty amazing claims about lying. I would like to see her research that shows how lying is that frequent in our everyday interactions.

I wonder if this consists of people not telling the truth because they are uncertain about what the truth is or perhaps they just poorly communicated a fact.

I am intrigued that strangers will lie to each other more to make themselves look better but do we really always want to know when someone is lying to us?

I like how the video explains many of the reasons why we lie and she is very entertaining on how she does it. It does seem however, that your opinion on the topic could be expressed more. Maybe explain more on why you think babies learn it through our nature or nurture.

The fact that we lie so much makes me wonder, is it really a bad thing that we lie, or is it a necessary attribute to get by in society? What are some possible evolutionary advantages to lying?

I never knew that people lie so much even in a single day. I never even knew that I probably lie that much. I wonder if we were born to lie or when the first lie even happened.

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