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How do we put value on ourselves? Do we put the values on us ourselves or do we let others put their value on us? Sometimes we are valued just by our outer appearances, but there are so many other factors that add our value - our personality, intelligence, wit, culture, and so on. High self-esteem gives us so many benefits as in confidence, better health, and happiness. But low self-esteem gives us depression and makes us hate our self sometimes.
A small study was done in Arizona on the Pima Indians, who are known for obesity. There were two groups identified: the Pima action and the Pima pride. The Pima action was given information about health and how to lead a better life. The Pima pride was also given the same information, but they were also given information about their history, giving them pride to their identity. After the test, the results were that the Pima pride Indians had a more positive change to their health and were more motivated to change their diets than the Pima action.
Self-esteem can change a person's health and therefore it can change our lives. We only have one life and we should live it by giving ourselves high value and worth. Why waste life with sadness?

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Thanks for bringing the Pima Indian Culture study to my attention. It is fascinating how evoking a person's pride in their culture and identity would motivate healthier behavior.

One view of self esteem believes that it is a gauge of how well liked we perceive ourselves to be. When we have lots of friends and believe we are socially accepted our SE is high. When are friends are fewer and we feel lonely and rejected our SE is low.

Do you think reminding a person of their culture also functions to remind us of our need to belong and fit in with a social group?

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