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IQ's; I have always believed that your IQ score was for the most part a good measure of intelligence, I mean I knew it was not 100% accurate but I believe it gave a fairly good measure of your intelligence . I however did not know and have never really thought about their being other types of intelligence besides mathematics and science. However after thinking about it and reading I realized that their were different types of intelligence; musical, artistic, sports, and many other types that I normally would not associate with intelligence. But I mean Beethoven was a genius but was he an excellent mathematician? Beethoven.jpg

My favorite post was: A family of geese, because when I was younger that was my absolute favorite movie, I watched it way to many times. Also I always find it interesting how you can learn knew things and then relate them back to stuff in your life for example imprinting with geese, which is not something you would expect to happen.
My next favorite was: Does your significant other look like he/she could be your sibling?! because I do think its interesting that their all the statistics and reasons that you wouldn't expect to have a big impact on how you choose you significant other, I mean who would think that having similar facial features to be one of those factors.
My third favorite was: Tell the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth because I am very intrigued by law and court hearings and I do find it very interesting that even though you may think and truly believe that you are telling the truth you may not be.


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I would bet that Beethoven was a genius a math! Just because usually if sevants such as Beethoven are good in one area, I think they would probably be versatile in many other areas as well with such a wonderful musical intelligence such as his. Thanks for blogging about this!

I would be willing to bet that a person like Beethoven could have been a brilliant mathematician if that was what he chose to focus on. He clearly had the drive and willpower to be a great and powerfully innovative thinker.

Music resembles math in the ways that it transcribes complex patterns of notes and rhythms. Just look at a Beethoven score while listening to his music and you will quickly respect the awesomeness of his mind.

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