Lie detector.. I mean Arousal detector

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The first lie detector, or polygraph test, was created in 1915 and the largest organization of polygraph examiners in the US claim it is 98 percent accurate. Instead of monitoring how the person responds, the polygraph test monitors the persons behaviors. They call this the "pinocchio response" because the test relies solely on how a persons physiological aspects or behavior changes when asked questions. The widely used controlled question test (CQT) will ask suspects relevant questions, irrelevant questions, and control questions. The polygraph test will monitor your blood pressure, hand sweat, pupil size, body movements, and more physiological signs. Although the test does detect if some people are lying, individuals will sometimes show signs of lying even when they are not producing false negatives and liars can keep their behaviors calm and deceive the test producing false positives. In conclusion, some argue that the polygraph test is a valid source, but unless they have supporting evidence then the test has too many flaws incorporated with it and will often produce false positives and negatives.

Here is a picture depicting how they monitor the arousal of a suspect.

1st: Pump It Up: This was my favorite because I can understand and relate to how the encouragement from fans can get you pumped up and ready to compete at a harder level.
2nd:Opposites Attract... or do they: This was my second favorite because I believe that people with similar interests will have the strongest relationship.
3rd: A Family of Geese: This was my third favorite because I remember watching that movie and never knew of the imprinting idea until this class.

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