lipsticks, eye shadow, mascara... worthy stuff?

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Which face do you like? Which face is more attractive? more trustworthy?
Although we have learned how social factors (such as proximity or similarity) influence to attraction in chapter 11, the new research found out that cultural values also influence to attraction. Even though the face is same, people feel more attractive, competent, likable, and also trustworthy to the "makeup face."

Researchers from Harvard University, Boston University and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute showed many faces on a screen to 149 men and women participants, and then the researchers asked them how attractive, likable, trustworthy, and competent the faces. As a result, they found out people are tend to be attracted makeup look more than natural-looks.

Have you felt more confidence when you wear makeup? Personally, yes, I feel more confidence when I put on makeup. Why? Hummm....

The research does not say like "Women should invest in a good lipstick and put on makeup!" but this research tells us how people's though and emotion (attractiveness) are dominated by the cultural value (makeup).

My 1st favorite post is leex5571's "sleeping on the job"because I did not know 1500 people die every year from narcolepsy related car accidents. The statistics scared me, but her post makes me want to learn about narcolepsy more.
My 2nd favorite post is leex5899's "the gift and pain of implicit memory" because his/her video was interesting, and I like this sentence "implicit memory is a gift because we can suddenly connect the experience...... thanksgiving dinner......"
My 3rd favorite post is xiao0100's "I feel awkward!!!" because I though the Chinese character is a sad face picture. I like this way of thinking why we use emotions on our text.

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This is an interesting comparison Kaori. Not only do most people like and trust the made up face but I believe the woman in the picture also may feel more confident, warm and gregarious when she has make up on than when she doesn't.

Perhaps the make up also makes it more likely she will smile more genuinely for the camera than when she is not made up.

Her thoughts feelings and behaviors are different enough under those two conditions to make a difference in our perception of what she is like from the photograph.

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