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I've heard of displays of affection differing from culture to culture, but what I read in the book blew my mind. It said that "members of the Apinaly society in Brazil don't kiss, but women of the tribe may bite off their lovers' eyebrows and noisily spit them to one side" to show their sexual desires. It also talked about how members of a tribe in Africa thought it was weird when they saw Europeans kissing. After reading this, I researched affection in foreign countries and found that many "normal" public displays of affection that are frowned upon in other cultures. For example, don't even think about putting your hand on your partner's rear if you're visiting an Arab country, you may be charged with obscenity!

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Moral of the story: if traveling with a significant other, research the tolerance in that area before laying a hand on them!

Have any of you had a problem with public display of affection in other countries? Or even inappropriate gestures?

My favorite post was malon271's in Writing #3 because of the catchy title. It was very clever and went along with the content perfectly. I also liked the post in general because it was short, sweet, and right to the point.

My second favorite post was khori002's in Writing #3 because of the picture and also the topic; I think a lot of people can relate to that happening.

My third favorite was zhan1689's in Writing #3 because of the topic. Definitely something all college students struggle with. I like how an example of how to overcome it was given.

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Great photo and lead line for this post Blair. The subject is intriguing as well.

I am always getting into slightly embarrassing public displays of affection right here at home with my family. Especially my two teen age girls who suddenly realized that the rules regarding public displays of affection with their dad have changed and its not very cool to be seen holding your dad's hand when going to the movies.

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