New emoticons - I feel awkward!!!

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Do you like this "emoticon"? In fact, this one is a Chinese character! When Professor Gewirtz talked about emoticons that are culturally constructed, I thought this one would be a good example too. This emoticon describes the awkwardness a person feels. Imagine you date someone in a restaurant, he/she keeps silent for the whole time but suddenly starts talking about his/her weird hobbies. You don't know how to respond and you may frown a little. The emoticon describes how you feel in an exaggerated way. These nonverbal cues enhance our communications with others. Our words may be neutral, but when we speak with different tones, facial expressions, the meaning changes accordingly. I think that's why we need some emoticons when we text our friends.

In the writing 3, my favorite post is written by leuxx016. He links a very interesting video about the amazing effects of placebos that I have never thought before. The seond favorite one is about anterograde amnesia written by zier0052 because she uses the movie "50 first dates" as an example of anterograde amnesia. The third favorite post is written by sleet004. Her experience of memorizing through mnemonics reminds me of the way I remember the six principles of science.


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This is such an interesting emoticon! I didn't realize that the emoticons were culturally different--- :)
Thanks for blogging about this!

I thought that was really interesting in lecture when he showed us an emoticon that was culturally centered in Asia but was also very commonly used there, but no one from the US recognized it. However, they seem universal because you can still understand what emotion they are portraying no matter where you're from! So cool!

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