Opposites Attract...Or Do They?

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Everyone has heard the saying opposites attract, but how much truth is there to this statement? Research has shown that there may not be much. According to the three major principles that guide attraction and relationship formation, similarity is a key factor. Similarity, the extent to which we have things in common with others, allows us to create a personal connection with others. We have a much easier time forming attractions to people who share similarities in music, educational level, sports, values, attractiveness, etc. Online dating services put the idea of similarity to good use by matching potential partners together based on common interests. Evidence has even been found that pet owners tend to select dogs who resemble themselves! So, next time you're having dating troubles pay no attention to the saying opposites attract! As the real saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

My favorite blog this week was Jacob say WHAT? by will3602 because I thought it was really cool how she tied together imprinting in the twilight book to real life imprinting with geese.
My second favorite blog this week was Abortion; Another form of birth control? by warec014 because I thought it was interesting how such a controversial topic was chosen.
My third favorite blog was Zombie Ants by rosen685 because I thought the topic chosen was incredibly interesting! I never could have guessed that ants behaviors could be changed by mushrooms!

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If there is any truth to the opposites attract notion at all, it might be with the traits related to dominance and submissiveness.

A dominant person will tend to choose a partner who is relatively more submissive simply to maintain that aspect of self-perception.

Two dominants together would likely disagree more often which could lead to trouble.

Two submissives together are perhaps more common but I can imagine they might struggle with making decisions together.

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