peer pressure.

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Think back to high school for a moment. Was there ever a time you can remember that your parents/caregiver said you couldn't hang out with someone because they were a bad influence? Well, your parents may have knew more than you once thought.

Peers actually do have a great influence over us! I myself can think of a few times when I hadn't planned on ever doing anything I wasn't supposed to, but my friends made me think it was the greatest idea ever....right. Those "great ideas" led to my getting grounded! Now if I had only listened when my parents told me not to hang out with that certain someone....


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I love that you blogged about this. I'm actually going through a similar thing with my younger sister right now. She's hanging out with a boy who she's date/not dated for about a year now and my parents just think he is a really bad influence. Now if only we could get her to understand what we mean by "stay away from that boy!"
Thanks for sharing this experience!

This is very interesting. If only we knew back then what we know now! It's hard to think that someone you consider to be a "friend" or a "best friend" could ever do any wrong. A lot of times children are completely oblivious to the decisions their friends make and start understanding behavior that is generally out of their norm to be acceptable. I'm glad that my parents steered me away from hanging out with a few people because who knows where I would have ended up!

Groups of friends can have enormous influence over an adolescent and parents are well aware from their own experience how powerful it can be. Great if you are hanging with focused and friendly kids who are loved and enjoy life, want to achieve and improve.

Not so good when friends are out of school, out of work and bored.

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