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One important concept from chapter 11 is the mere exposure effect. This suggests that repeated exposure to a stimulus makes us more likely to feel favorably toward it - familiarity breed's comfort.

Our book also points out that this effect extends to faces and that we tend to prefer images of ourselves as we appear in the mirror vs. images taken in a photograph because we are so used to seeing ourselves in mirrors and not used to seeing ourselves from a different perspective an angle.

Psychologists are not the only ones aware of this effect! If you have a Mac you are most likely familiar with Photobooth, which is an app for taking pictures. Not only does Photobooth take pictures, the pictures are taken in mirror images! Apple has capitalized on the fact that people prefer images of themselves as they are used to seeing themselves- in the mirror. If you are comfortable with (and therefore like) what is mirroring and looking back at you, won't you be more likely to take a picture of it? Apple sure thinks so.

Posting photos has also become quite popular and this technology utilizes the mere exposure effect to an even greater degree. While we prefer seeing ourselves as mirror images, we prefer seeing others in photographic images. In this case Facebook is the one who has picked up on this fact. Facebook gives you the option of taking and then posting pictures to your friend's walls. While you are taking the picture, you see a mirror image of yourself - the one you are more familiar with and more likely to like. Then when you post the picture, Facebook flips the angle/view point so the recipient will be more likely to familiarize with the photographic viewpoint. Ta da! Facebook has not only pleased you but also your friend by providing you both with the images in the perspectives you will most enjoy.

My favorite blog was Dirty Little Secrets because the video was very interesting and the author asked some questions that really made me think.

My second favorite blog was Got Milk? because I love milk and have always been told since I was little about how good it is for you. I would never have guessed that there was controversial evidence over its nutritional benefits.

My third favorite blog was All Things Truly Wicked Start From Innocence. I think that the nature v nurture debate surrounding evil is quite interesting.


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I like this blog for its title. It's short and sweet and was catchy enough to get this blogger to read on.

I liked this blog for its title. It's short, sweet, and was catchy enough to get this blogger to read on!

Wow Paula, I did not know that Facebook did that with photos.

How did you discover this?

I think the mere exposure effect is such a cool phenomenon and explains much of our reactions to unfamiliar and familiar objects and people.

I especially love the finding about mirror images and have used the function on my Mac to test this idea for myself.

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