Pump It Up!

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There's two minutes left in the game and your team is down by 2 points, so what do you do ? You get on your feet and cheer for your team of course!
In chapter 11 of our books, they talk about the Yerkes-Dodson Law which basically says that if you are not very motivated, you will not perform very well and if you are overly motivated or stimulated, you will not perform very well either. In order to achieve your goal, you need just the right amount of motivation. This explains why, at many sporting events, they are always encouraging the crowd to get on their feet and cheer for their team, especially if the home team is losing. That extra boost of motivation might be just what the team needs to win the game. I know that if I heard thousands of people cheering for me I would be pretty motivated and most likely perform a lot better!

With that, I would like to encourage all of you to always cheer for your home team because they just might need it!


My favorite post was "Does your significant other look like he/she could be your sibling?" because the title caught my attention and I found it interesting and will most likely start looking for similarities in couples I know now.
My next favorite post was "Love Abroad" because I had recently watched a movie where a woman got in trouble for public displays of affection in another country and I never realized this was so frowned upon in other countries.
My third favorite post was "Jacob Say What?" because I have read the twilight series so the title and picture naturally caught my attention and I never thought that what happened in the books to relate to something in psychology.

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The Yerkes-Dodson curve is an interesting phenomenon that applies to lots of things besides motivation.

Your example of getting pumped up at a sporting event makes me wonder when this uptick in arousal and motivation starts to slide down the other side of the curve?

Can sporting events produce too much arousal and motivation in the crowd that would cause a team to start performing worse?

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