Sensation and Perception: Hearing

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Our senses help us to have knowledge about the world and one of those senses is hearing. As we all know, sound waves are the determents for the sense of hearing. When the sound is examined, three distinct features come into prominence, which are loudness, timbre and pitch. All these features depend on frequency, and complexity.

To describe the form of the ear, the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear must be presented. The pinna, the eardrum, ossicles, oval window, cochlea, and cilia are associated to the form of the ear since they are the essentials.

I think that pinna is the one that seems less important but in essence, its role is massive. Without pinna, we wouldn't be able to hear since it is what catches the sound waves and help other materials of ear to sense the sound.



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Nice blog. I like the ear illustration! I think the ear is extremely fascinating. Humans have extensive hearing. We can hear the sound of a paper clip hit the ground. For the most part, this is good thing, however sometimes when you are in the library trying to concentrate, it can be a a pain as you hear all the distractions. To counter this, we can try to block the sound waves with ear plugs, yet it still seems that our auditory canals can pick up the slightest of sounds. This is kind of a random but what if we developed a device that could adjust the volume of our hearing. Just like I can turn the volume of my ipod up or down, so too we could adjust our hearing of our hearing.

hillm109, thank you for your comment, and I agree with you! Also, the volume adjustment idea of yours sounds interesting! That would be very helpful for concentrating on particular things. :)

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