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So, my take on opposites attract is that no matter what goes on in your life there is always going too be that significant other that would broaden your horizons. For example when some one meets another they don't have the first attraction on everything together. You always have too progress through the ups and downs. I've had a few relationships in the past and they were so fun and interesting because I was constantly learning things, but at the same time we were so different that there was nothing to really have an engaging conversation on. I enjoy talking about similar interests with my close friends and partners and if we can't talk about anything we both are interested in it's boring. So while I do agree with the saying "opposites attract" I think it's only to a certain extent if your too different it's not good.


My favorite blog was Why People Don't Like to Touch Strangers I found the whole concept of personal space to be interesting because it's not something I normally think about. I think it's true how the amount changes for example on the crowded train.

My next favorite blog was Johnny wants a pair of skates, Suzy wants a doll: Constructing a Christmas world I agreed with the things said in this blog. When I was younger it was almost like a game to make a Christmas list out and then wait and guess what presents you got. Children don't learn that Christmas isn't just about receiving their favorite presents.

My last favorite blog was Does Your Significant Other Look Like He/She Could Be Your Sibling?! it was interesting because I've always thought that couples looked alike, but not only did the article in Jhon's blog about the older couple get the more they look alike support this thought, but now learning how one looks for a partner who resembles themselves.

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Yes Erin, often you see the goody two shoes girl dating the bad rebel boy. This makes a nice story but I wonder how long these "Grease" kind of relationships actually last without one or both partners changing to be more similar in the end?

Good relationships will broaden horizons but they tend to deepen connections and values rather than contradict them.

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