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Can you all just do me a favor?

Can you just grab your textbook, open up to page. 381, and read that little blirb on the bottom picture? Just read it. Did you do it? Did you smack yourself on the head and go "REALLY? 'Less guilty by reason of adolescence'?"

Maybe this is just my one opinion, but I happen to think that is ridiculous. Now I am by no means denying the research showing that teens are still developing the regions of their brains controlling planning, decision making, and even impulse control. But I feel like teens still have the ability to choose where these struggles will be; you can either struggle with planning your work load and other responsibilites, or you can struggle with planning out what happens after you steal those nice pair of shoes.


So many adults view teenagers as this strange subspecies of humans (here is a silly clip showing my point, when in fact most teenagers do not struggle with the stereotypes shown in the media (such as drunk driving and early pregnancies).

Again, I understand that teenagers are literally not as mentally mature as adults, but to say that someone is "less guilty by reason for adolescence" is like almost like saying "less guilty by reason of being really really mad". Anyone who commits a crime is obviously going to be in at least some type of different mental state, even if its something as simple as rationalizing your actions.

So long story short, being a teenager does not make you an idiot.

p.s. Can I just say that the first paragraph of Chapter 10 made "The Secret of NIMH" make so much more sense?Secret of NIMH.jpg

My three favorite blogs were:

1. There is No Escaping Change
I really thought that this was a very thought provoking topic. It is something that I believe we should all come to terms with, and understand before we learn it the hard way. I also really liked the picture and thought it was clever :)

2. Why Hatred Exists
I feel that this too is also a very important topic. Hate is one of the worst types of crimes a person can make, and its an easy one at that. I also thought it was interesting that the contrast of love was also brought in.

3. Types of Intelligence
I have always found a fascination in seeing how different people are skilled at different things. I'm that person who loves taking all of those "career tests" and "personality quizes", just because I enjoy seeing how different types of intelligence/thinking affects areas of your life.

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OK, that statement in the textbook is a little presumptuous but a hot topic these days is the realization that brains typically do not fully mature under well into one's 20's and the last area to fully develop is the prefrontal cortex or the area in the brain considered to control decision making and impulse control.

What is tough for teens is that that are often in social situations where their peers are engaging in risky or delinquent behavior as an act of rebellion or out of sheer boredom.

Teens are conflicted because on the one hand they want to fit in and be liked by their peers and so they will often act in ways that seem to get social approval.

If it is cool to smoke, take drugs or shoplift among a group of peers, it can be difficult to control this behavior in oneself if all the ability in the brain to do so is not yet fully in place.

Sure, teens can control bad behavior and they should not be excused from making bad decisions but they are a time in life when the social pressures to misbehave are often at their most intense.

Perhaps why teens need to stay busy and often working under adult supervision

Nothing more dangerous than a group of teens on their own with nothing to do.

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