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A little lie here.. A little lie there.. It will never hurt anybody right? Well, no one can guarantee its effects on others, but you can be sure you are hurting yourself; physically and emotionally.

Larry knows how to speak his mind

Telling lies makes a person not only untrue to others but untrue to oneself. Being untrue to oneself is detrimental to life and life's progress across the entire board. To achieve happiness, healthy relationship, and life's goals, it is imperative that humans are true and honest with their own person. Furthermore, lying can cause stress. Therefore, chronic lying, equals chronic stress, and all of us know how detrimental stress is to mental and physical health. Prolonged stress is a known cause in cancer, heart disease, and nameless other problems, so all of us should avoid it.

With this knowledge of lying causes stress, stress causes unhappiness and heightens risks of diseases; next we need to act. If you find yourself being untruthful or telling little lies maybe a little too much, then it is time for a change! Speak your mind! Get your feelings off your chest. This will not only make you more honest with yourself but will increase the trust and integrity of your human relationships. This article, Lying is Bad for Your Health, elaborates on the issues regarding being untruthful and further discusses facts on how to reduce these behaviors and the stress it causes.

How truthful are you? Are you stressed? If so, fix the problem!

Speak your mind --> Don't Lie --> Reduce Stress --> Increase Health


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Great Blog Derek! Lying does seem to cause stress, even when it's just a little white lie. I like how people who tell the truth will live healthier, more fuffilling lives.

This is a great blog! From past experience and my knowledge base, I'm aware of all the little pieces you mentioned about causing stress. However, when you pieced them all together like this, I feel completely enlightened. I will definitely try to lie less that I do--however, I hope I'm not doing very much right now ;)
Thanks for blogging about this! Great job :)

I totally agree with the idea that lying is a form of inferiority and should not be used. Everything in the blog is consistent but many criminal may not be under any stress to lie for short term for long term stress to be relived. Maybe it's because once a bad deed is done, another lesser (a lie) is not hard to do.

Wow, lying and lie detection is a popular topic in this class. At least six other blog posts are devoted to this and it makes me wonder why we are so concerned about the ability to know when others are telling the truth and why we sometimes feel compelled to lie.

Being mildly dishonest might work to our advantage when in certain social situations especially when among strangers or when you believe that there is a low probability that anyone will discover your deception.

That is precisely what Larry David loves to do in his show. Characters lie about something and then later find themselves in the embarrassing position of being found out.

I am sure that managing deception is stressful and that sticking with the truth, however painful at first might be the most healthy path to follow in the long run.

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