The Social Personality

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The personality dimension of introversion extraversion plays a key role for students coming to college for the first time. Possessing traits like warmth, gregariousness, sense of adventure, enthusiasm and ambition can lead to plenty of social attention and personal success. Yet extraverts have two potentially troublesome traits such as impulsivity and dominance than can get them into trouble.

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Several studies have shown how introverts differ from extraverts in unique ways. As you examine and think about the findings of these studies, consider what consequences these differences might have on both extraverts and introverts.

Introverts demonstrate faster classical conditioning because they are more easily aroused.

Introverts react more strongly to punishment and extraverts react more strongly to rewards

Extraversion predicts heavy drinking in college students

Now that you've done a bit of serious thinking about introversion and extraversion, for fun try taking the Hidden Brain Damage Scale.docx


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Interesting link articles. I read "Extraversion predicts heavy drinking in college students". I was surprised to read that introverts typically show higher levels of cortical arousal. One would think that introverts would show less arousal since they tend be less out going.

Perhaps this increased arousal occurs because introverts are less conditioned. Thus each intrapersonal experience produces a more substantial arousal where as extraverts are already so conditioned (in shape) that such an intrapersonal experience is not as big of a deal and doesn’t produce as big of a response. Imagine, you are on your first date, you are probably really nervous and aroused (no pun intended) but by the 15th date you'r more conditioned to the situation as a result not as nervous. The same can be applied to extroverts and introverts. Since extroverts have more social experiences, they are more conditioned and thus have less arousal but introverts have less social experiences, so they have higher arousal responses in each experience.

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